Bitcoin Investment for beginners all London areas, Bromley, Kent etc

Maybe you have heard about Bitcoin maybe you haven’t. Bitcoin is a digital currency that is stored nowhere and everywhere on something called the Blockchain. This is managed or mined by every computer that has access to the blockchain in the world. Every computer contains a full record of the ledger that Blockchain uses to keep files of transactions, money sent and received etc. Because it doesn’t have a central storage like a traditional bank it is therefore much more secure and cannot be hacked into. Bitcoin started out at pennies and is now worth over $4000 per coin. It is said to keep rising and rising and some predict 5-6 figures for it sometime in the future.

If you’ve thought of investing some money into Bitcoin or the many other Alternative (alt) coins on the market there has never been a better time to get involved. At Pcheadache we can help you get set up with a Coin account and a trading account and give you some training on how to track your investment using your PC and or a mobile app.

The process involves setting up 2 accounts using ID and secure passwords and 2 step security. We then transfer your money from one site to the Exchange account and buy Bitcoin or other coins that you may wish to purchase.

We charge a set fee of £199 to come to you and take you through the process. We also provide aftercare support to go through buying and selling after the intial training for no extra charge.

If you would like more information on Bitcoin setup or buying Bitcoins for beginners please call us on 0208 325 1427

Please note we are not advisors on currency and do not give any advise or gurantees on what you should invest in. Our service is to help people who are already interested in Bitcoin how to set up accounts and transfer money to Bitcoin and the exchange.