Secure Data Wipe

When you get a new PC or Laptop and you transfer the data to a new machine what happens to the old data? Old pictures, documents literally everything are still accessible on the old drive even if you delete them off. Someone with readily available software found free on the Internet could recover the data in no time and then use them for criminal activities.

You should never throw away your old pc with your hard drive still inside of the machine. We offer a service where we will remove the old drive from the laptop or computer and then you can keep it or destroy it. Nothing else on the PC stores information so it can then be safely disposed of.

We only charge £10 to remove an old drive for you.

We can also secure wipe any hard drive to that its contents are impossible to recover. We offer a quick 1 pattern overwrite for £29.99. When you delete data that part of the hard disk is just flagged as available to use so the wipe writes a pattern over it making it very difficult.

We also offer a 5 and a 9 stage wipe but these are time consuming and expensive and should only be needed in extreme cases. We can offer the 9 stage wipe for £99 though