Data Recovery Company

If you think you have a faulty hard disk or memory device, a clicking drive or strange noise coming from the disk we advise you to stop using the computer or device immediately and contact us for advice.

There are many different stages of hard drive failure on a computer or laptop ranging from a case of having to easily drag items over to another device or to a long winded software recovery.

We use forensic recovery software for our data recovery that has a high success rate where Windows will simply not allow access to the hard drive. We can also recover data from drives that are showing as RAW or No File System.


If your data needs to transferred from an old dead PC or Laptop to a new machine where the hard disk is functioning fine the cost is only £55 (cost applies only if brought to us – hourly charge applies onsite)

To recover your data we only require the hard drive but if you bring us the computer or laptop we can remove it for you.

We take data protection very seriously and will never use your personal data or view it without your permission.

NO FIX NO FEE! If we cannot recover any data there is no charge. Partial data recovery is charged accordingly.

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