Computer Viruses

virus removal companyWe have been troubleshooting virus issues on PC’s for over 20 years, before Pcheadache London Ltd was created. Typically in the past these viruses would cause a problem on your PC, destroy data etc, and then infect another PC for no other reason than for the sake of it. “Script Kiddies” would claim infamy and little else (a criminal record maybe) but in the last few years they have a different agenda – organised criminal gangs want your money and have found an ingenious way to get it. Typically a Website you are looking at suddenly looks like your PC is running a scan and has found various problems. You then click on a link and now you have a pop up permanently telling you of “virus issues” and asking you to pay for the software. Once on the system the software downloads other components, opens a back door into your PC and you are in trouble. Typically your Anti Virus software will either be disabled or ineffective and you will need outside help

How will i know if i have this problem?

You have a box that will keep popping up and running a pretend virus scan (like the image above). Your Internet connection will most likely be redirecting to more software downloads and even your normal applications are apparently infected according to a message from the fake anti virus application.

Can you fix this problem?

We can fix this problem for you usually quite quickly and also give your PC a free tune-up into the bargain. It will be virus free and quicker than before!

How do i prevent this from happening again?

  • Be very careful opening Email attachments, especially Word or Excel files that might have Macros in them
  • Make sure your PC is up to date with the latest Service Packs and updates
  • Free Virus software is not good enough in our experience
  • Make sure your Anti Virus software is good and up to date £40 per year is better than 3 call outs per year
  • Do not open suspicious Emails and attachments
  • Do not install “video codecs” so you can watch a certain video
  • Avoid any “free” internet virus scans at all cost that appear out of nowhere. Close the browser if it doesn’t allow you to say no!

  • Parental Control your PC using built in Vista or Windows 7 tools to reduce the risk of children installing free games and messenger add ons. This technique is also a great way to protect young children on the net so please ask if this applies to you
  • Do not download free music, videos, software etc from Filesharing applications

PCheadache are experts in removing any virus, malware or fake virus using a very quick and effective solution. New viruses and mostly fake ones are appearing every day so talk to us about effective measure and cure.

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