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Corona Virus Information

Corona Virus information March 2020 Due to the impact of Corona virus with many people choosing to work from home, PCheadache are able to assist you with any I.T. issues you may have. We can recommend a Laptop or PC for you to work on or get your existing PC or Laptop cleaned [...]

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Outdoor WiFi Repeater with Ring Go

Our customer was using a Ring Doorbell but the unit was placed outside of the gate on a brick column. The gates were a good 20 metres from the front of the house so the signal to the WiFi Router was poor even though the Router was sat at the Window. In the garage there was [...]

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Windows 7 End of Life Support

On the 14th January 2020 Microsoft will no longer be supporting Windows 7. This means that you will not receive any further updates, security fixes etc for Windows 7 after that time. If you are a business it is crucial that you upgrade to Windows 10 as you will be at risk of a GDPR [...]

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We are pleased to announce that we now install CCTV and you can see some of our work over at www.uc-cctv.camera. Crime in Bromley is at an all time high and looking at local group pages there are incidents every day. We are certified installers of Hikvision CCTV which is very good quality and has resolutions [...]

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Windows 8.1 won’t install updates

If you cannot get windows 8.1 to install updates or any other updates try this: Go to Control Panel and then type Services in the search area. Find the Background Intelligence Transfer Service. Right click it and choose Stop. Find the Windows Update Service. Right click it and choose Stop. Go to Windows Explorer and then [...]

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Outlook won’t send emails on Windows 10

If you have recently upgraded to Windows 10 and now Outlook will not send Emails then follow this simple fix. In the search section at the bottom left next to the Start button type CMD. When "command prompt" appears with a black box in the search results, right click on it and choose "run as [...]

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Why is my PC so slow?

A Guide by www.pcheadache.co.uk There are a number of reasons why this happens but generally it's due to a lack of system memory (RAM - Random Access Memory). Say your PC or Laptop came with 512MB of RAM. When Windows loads it takes away a big slice of that for all of the running processes [...]

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