PCheadache London Ltd Terms and conditions


Your use of PC Headache London Ltd services is governed by the following terms and conditions. Please read them carefully. They do not affect your statutory rights.

Important Your data is your responsibility and not that of PCHeadache London Ltd. Please make sure that your data is fully backed up fully before we access your system. We can not be held responsible for any data loss, records or information that may occur due to the work that is undertaken.

We do not accept responsibility for any damage that occurs on a laptop or computer that needs to be opened up for repair because of a hardware fault. Due to the complexity of an internal laptop or computer repair there is always a small chance of damage to the case or structure of the machine or other components.

We always do our best to avoid damage but unfortunately in a very small working space and because of Laptop design it can occur on rare occasions.

Payment We require immediate payment on completion of the work required, for businesses we can invoice but we must be paid within 14 days of receipt of invoice

We cannot store broken Laptops or Hard Drives etc that are not collected. If you cannot or do not collect your hardware it will be destroyed after 6 months.